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Is this you?

Do you feel you are being taken advantage of but not able to speak up?

Have you found yourself saying yes when you really wanted to say NO?

Are you a pushover?

Do you ever feel like you are not being heard, listened to, or valued?

If you answered YES to any questions above, then this training session is for YOU!

Please join me in my ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING SESSION, where we will be looking at why it is so

hard to be assertive, why we are not able to be assertive, and most importantly, how to become

assertive and be comfortable!

Here is what you can achieve in the Assertiveness training session:

  • Define Assertiveness
  • Discover why Assertion does not come naturally
  • Identify your current mindset
  • Understand the types of communication styles
  • Know about the signs and causes of the different types of communication
  • Tips and tools on how to be Assertive

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    Assertiveness: Why being assertive is vital for your success! workshop with Kajal Kumar

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Kajal Kumar

I am Kajal Kumar, I am a psychotherapist and Mindset Shift and Goal setting Coach. My passion is to help my clients to understand themselves, recognise their potential, and achieve their goals with confidence. It has been my journey to set up successful private practices and want my clients to benefit from my experience and achieve their goals and feel happy, fulfilled, and enjoy good work-life balance. I have 10 years of experience in setting up my practice whilst bringing up the children. I bring to my client's wealth of experience and techniques. Together with my client, we build a stable, personable, and powerful environment where the change is inevitable.