What does it take to become Race and culture competent? & Why is it so critical that we all become core competent?

This workshop will walkthrough the need for core competence, history of cultural competence, sources of competence, and to walk through major themes (Such as racio-cultural identity, race dialogue, antidiscrimination practices, cultural humility and advocacy).

We will then present an overview of our research based core competence model and training approach which has been designed to fit into into core counselling and psychotherapy trainings.

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  • 3 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Mamood Ahmad

I am a UKCP Psychotherapist, trainer, author and founder of "The Antidiscrimination Foundation" (TADF) which provides diversity and anti-discrimination focused consultancy & training services to institutes and individuals. (, email: I hold a private practice in the village of Binfield, Berkshire. I am very passionate about Wing Chun so best not to ask me about it unless you have a long time to listen!

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5 star rating

Nasreen Mansoor

Excellent, interesting and very informative workshop content.

Excellent, interesting and very informative workshop content.

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