This workshop will look at what is an Imposter Syndrome. How does it develop?

How does it affect our personal and professional life. The ways to overcome your imposter Syndrome.

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    Imposter Syndrome and How to Combat It workshop with Kajal Kumar

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Kajal Kumar

I am Kajal Kumar, I am a psychotherapist and a Coach. My passion is to help my clients to understand themselves, recognise their potential, find their voice, and achieve their goals with confidence. It has been my journey to set up successful private practices and want my clients to benefit from my experience and achieve their goals and feel happy, fulfilled, and enjoy a good work-life balance. I have 12+ years of experience in setting up my practice whilst bringing up children. I bring to my client's wealth of experience and techniques. Together with my client, we build a stable, personable, and powerful environment where change is inevitable.

Testimonials: Live Attendees

Linda Nieves

The workshop was highly informative. It brought many aspects career, self-esteem, and behavioral into one workshop. I wish I had access to this type of knoweledge when I first started my career as a School Counselor. Thank you for the resources and worksheets to provide continued self-reflection and growth.

Naina Clayton

"This was the first workshop I have attended with Kajal and I am really pleased I did. The workshop was structured, had handouts, PowerPoint presentations, opportunities for discussion with other attendees, and importantly a book list on how to change that pesky Mindset. There was a lot to takeaway from the workshop - things to change Mindset and how to tackle it when Impostor Syndrome rears its ugly head. I found it very useful and would highly recommend it to others who want to learn how to deal with Impostor Syndrome."

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