Onlinevents are offering a total of eight modular workshops on Race, culture and antidiscrimination which can be taken at anytime to help provide the best quality service to clients. They can be taken in any sequence and the hours will count towards certificate training (process and group based) in Race, culture and antidiscrimination offered separately via (Email:

This session will orient you towards reflecting on racial identity, cultural context (as per BACP ethical framework 2018 to be able to work within the clients cultural context). I will help you to explore your own racial and cultural identity and context. This will help compare and contrast your individual racial-cultural identity with that of clients as well as learn how you can understand the clients racial-cultural attitudes and cultural context. We will also integrate these ideas by exploring its links to psychosocial and racial-cultural identity development theory.

We take safety very seriously. Please note we will be providing safety and aftercare protocols to provide a contained space for all doing this work and in particular consideration of those with lived in experiences.

The purpose of these workshops is to kickstart your reflective process so you can make the leap towards equality of service regardless of racial-cultural diversity.

Watch out for further workshops which can be taken any sequence:

  • Racial identity, Cultural Contexts and You
  • Centering Antiracist practice
  • Building and working with Racial-cultural relationships
  • Exploring Race talk: How, why and when it goes wrong
  • Antidiscrimination practice & Allyship skills
  • Working with Racial & cultural identity (part1)
  • Working with Racial & cultural identity (part2)
  • Racial and Culture Concepts, Power and You
  • Exploring Race and culture competency through 8 reasons why
  • Exploring core competencies together

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About this course

  • £9.99
  • 2 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Mamood Ahmad

I am a UKCP Psychotherapist, trainer, author and founder of "The Antidiscrimination Foundation" (TADF) which provides diversity and anti-discrimination focused consultancy & training services to institutes and individuals. (, email: I hold a private practice in the village of Binfield, Berkshire. I am very passionate about Wing Chun so best not to ask me about it unless you have a long time to listen!

Sam Jamal

Sam specialises in working with abuse, sexual issues, sexuality, trauma, relationships and group work. She is a lead trainer with the anti-discrimination foundation (#TADF)

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