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After giving a very brief outline of Single-Session Therapy, I will discuss some of the major difficulties that can occur with Procrastination. 

I will then consider what can be realistically achieved in a single session to help people who have such difficulties with Procrastination and conclude the evening by working with two volunteers who would like some help in this area. 

Volunteers should bring a current issue with Procrastination that they would like help with and should be prepared to discuss it in front of an online audience of their peers.

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    Revisiting Procrastination with Single Session Therapy workshop with Windy Dryden

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    • Recording - Presentation - Revisiting Procrastination with Single Session Therapy - Windy Dryden - 58 minutes

Professor Windy Dryden

CBT Therapist, Trainer, Academic and Writer

I am Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London and have been working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy since 1975. I was one of the first people in Britain to be trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and have trained with Drs. Albert Ellis, Aaron T. Beck and Arnold Lazarus. I have also trained at the University of Warwick where I was awarded an MSc in Psychotherapy. This was an eclectic course and gave me a very broad view of the field. What has been important and sustaining in my career has been variety. Thus, I work as a practitioner, trainer, academic and writer/editor.