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Have you (or your client) suffered a loss that you haven’t fully come to terms with—perhaps a bereavement, a breakup, the end of a life stage, or even the loss of a cherished dream? Has this pandemic year brought new challenges? Sometimes what we need to let go of is really the old form, or the expectation of what can now never be. The love will still continue. This course is an opportunity to honour the past and say a full goodbye so that you can say a full hello to the life you have now and to the person you are becoming.

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    Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello workshop with Dr. Dina Glouberman

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Dr. Dina Glouberman

Dina Glouberman, Ph.d, is a psychotherapist, writer, international trainer, and world expert in imagery based therapies. She is Co-founder/Director since 1979 of Skyros Holistic Holidays, which has pioneered community-oriented holistic health holidays worldwide. More recently, she has founded and directs the Aurora Centre in Southern Italy, to train therapists, counselors, and consultants in her approach. She is a course leader on the Faculty of the MA(Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain).