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The culture wars that haunt every society are made worse by the threats of climate change. As religious, conservative, liberal, and progressive worldviews conflict, the environment is collapsing. Hunger, displacement, insurgency, and civil war mark the overt political and social crises. We are also more overtly surfacing systemic racism, prejudice against women, and the disparity between rich and poor. Yet what we have not surfaced adequately is the disparity between worldviews that tears at our social fabric, keeping us from developing the generational attention needed to respond to climate change and pervasive injustice.

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    The Psychological Century: Community and World Problems can be Solved Psychologically workshop with Peter Dunlap

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Peter T. Dunlap, PhD

Peter T. Dunlap, PhD is a clinical and political psychologist focused on helping psychologically-minded citizens to identify and explore their unique leadership capacities and to develop the public emotional intelligence called for by our time. His group trainings support participants to cultivate this self-awareness and to learn how to foster the fellowship needed for group and community development.Peter is the author of: Awakening Our Faith in the Future: The Advent of Psychological Liberalism (Routledge, 2008) as well as many other journal articles, book chapters, blog posts, and an occasional rant on one list server or another.