All profits from this event recording will be donated to the UN Crisis Relief appeal to support the people of Ukraine


Psychotherapy & Counselling’s Contribution to Global Peace, Justice, and Wellbeing: What Difference Can we Make? An Emergency Summit

We live in terrifying times. The war in Ukraine has broken apart any semblance of global peace and security we might have had.

Many of us, as counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists, are asking what we can do—if anything? This Emergency Summit will bring together globally-leading theorists, researchers, and clinicians in the psychotherapy and counselling field to discuss the potential role that we can have in creating a more just and peaceful world: one in which all members of the global community have the opportunity to live full and satisfying lives.

Our talks will cover both the practical things that therapists can do, for instance working with war traumatised clients; challenging racism and a Eurocentric view of the world; and more theoretical explorations of the links between therapeutic ideas and conflict resolution practices.


All profits from this event will be donated to the UN Crisis Relief appeal to support the people of Ukraine. You can read more about UN Crisis Relief and make a donation on the link below.

All of the presenters are donating their time without charge. The event will be hosted by ONLINEVENTS LTD (OE) and OE will be donating all the team time to organise and host the conference. The Eventbrite fees, any sales tax incurred and the cost of using Zoom will be paid from the event income.

CPD Certificate & Resources

Following the event you will recieve a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate which will acknowledge your attendance at the event. You will also receive a link to a google folder which will contain any resources that the presenters wish to share

Ethical Statement

All the colleagues at ONLINEVENTS and the presenters we collaborate with are committed to working in a manner consistent with the BACP Ethical Framework, which can be accessed on the link below. When registering for this event you are agreeing to be present and interact in a manner that is consistent with this Framework.

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Course curriculum



    1. Introductions & Openings

    2. Widening The Human Horizon To Go Beyond Crisis - Emmy van Deurzen

    3. Psychotherapy At A Time of Social and Political Change and Crisis: Where Do Stand? What Do We Have To Offer? - John McLeod

    4. Open Dialogues: A Humanistic and Democratic Practice for Severe Crises - Jaakko Seikkula

    5. Black, Blue, Yellow: Remembering Our Humanity During The Ukrainian Crisis - Dwight Turner

    6. The Grief of War: Personal and Political Dimensions - John Wilson

    7. Existential Relatedness: A Response To ‘What Can I Do?’ - Ernesto Spinelli

    8. Rapid Therapy in Challenging Times: The Potential of Single-Session Therapy - Windy Dryden

    9. The Need To Be Right: How We Are All Waging War - Robin Shohet & Joan Wilmot

    10. Compassion As The Basis For Courage And Wisdom In The Pursuit Of World Peace - Paul Gilbert

    1. How To Be, Comprehend, And Do During This Paradigm Shift In International Relations - Maria Kontarini

    2. The Multiple Human Rights Violations in Armed Conflicts: Sexual Violence In The War Against Ukraine–Mental Health, Support, and Justice - Nora Sveaass

    3. Unprovoked Aggression: When Words Fail - Digby Tantam

    4. Common Principles Of Positive Change: Bridging The Intrapersonal And Sociopolitical Divide - Mick Cooper

    5. Realising Inner Peace - Martin Wells

    6. Promoting Sanity In Insane Times: The Moral Responsibility Of Counsellors In A Period Of Global Crisis - Courtland Lee

    7. Dissolving Aggression At Its Root - Ken Bradford

    1. ‘Your Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough’ UK based Ukrainian volunteer - Sabnum Dharamsi & Abdullah Maynard

    2. [Care of ] foreigners to ourselves - Salma Siddique

    3. Racism At The Borders: A Brown Therapist’s Reflection On How We Can Work With The Impact of Racial Trauma - Rima Sidhpara

    4. Talking To Children And Teens About War: War As A Mirror Metaphor Of The 'Self' And Social Dynamics - Kalanit Ben-Ari

    5. Conversation with Orna Guralnik

    6. Co-constructing Counselling Training In A Country In War: The Experience of Afghanistan - Lucia Berdondini

    7. Vicarious Trauma: Resonating With Our Past - Juliet Grayson

    8. Vicarious Trauma And Compassion Fatigue: Strategies For Those Who Help Others - Tamara McClintock Greenberg

    1. Pausing For Self-Care - Greg Madison

    2. The House of Deep Peace - Dina Glouberman

    3. Closing Escape Hatches In Emergency Situations: Is It Possible? - Maria Sorokopud

    4. Principles of Anti-Oppressive Practice - Mamood Ahmad

    5. Holding Hope - Ani de la Prida

    6. Holding The Calm Within The Storm: How To Stay Well And Regulated In These Troubling Times - Kate Williams

    7. Keeping Balance Through Compassion - Maureen Cooper

    8. "Am I Just a Drop in the Ocean?" - Sue Monckton-Rickett

    9. Create A Peace Candle Of Light And Support - Christina Bachini

    10. Over The Hills And Far Away: War, Grief And The Soul - William Ayot

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5 star rating

Ann-Marie Wilson

Thank you so much for this, its been great to go back over things attended on the day and other sessions missed. Very inspiring, thought provoking and needed.

Read More

Thank you so much for this, its been great to go back over things attended on the day and other sessions missed. Very inspiring, thought provoking and needed.

Read Less

Testimonials: Live Attendees

Leonore Langer

An inspiring day on a difficult and stressful topic, but one that left me feeling energised and confident despite everything.

Sheila Kavanagh

"This event was both professionally and personally thought provoking. The fact that everyone gave their time for free was an amazing reminder of the good in the world. The variety of sessions throughout the day made it difficult as it was hard to choose between so many different speakers. It was a great idea to sell the recording as it means I can go back and do the sessions I missed on the day. I cried, I laughed and left feeling improved and with a sense of belonging."

Helen Newton

An excellent opportunity to access seminars and lecturers from experts in their fields for an extremely worthy cause.

Sharon Ely

Amazing in content and tone in the moment, the best of our industry came together as presenters and supporters.

Jo Tyler

This was a really great day, full of hope and potential for connection and solidarity around such huge global and local issues. I was inspired and invigorated by the knowledge that there are so many people who care about some of the same things that are important to me. Thank you for your time and dedication to organising such an important event. It was wonderful to see Ukrainian colleagues and to be able to hear how things are for them at this terrible time.

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