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Course Details

As we emerge slowly from the rather shocking and yet often illuminating pause in our public lives that we call Lockdown, it is time for us, and for our clients, to get a sense of our possible futures. One of the best ways I know is to go forward a year or five years, and vision two possible futures, one in which you feel great because you’ve honoured your true self, and one in which you feel awful because you’ve abandoned, neglected or forgotten your true self. Then you look back and see how you got to these two futures, and decide which path you want to take and commit to it. (It’s interesting to note the strength of the pull to the unhappy future.) This is not a crystal ball to see what the future holds externally, but rather a way to locate the attitudes one needs to get to one’s best possible personal way of being in the world. In general, most people find that the way to the negative future is just to go on as you are, and the one to the positive future requires that you ”up your game.” This visioning exercise is ideal for you and for clients to find the way forward in terms of personal and spiritual development, in terms of effectiveness in the world, and of course, for the sake of the pure joy it can bring.

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Dina Glouberman

Dina Glouberman, Ph.d, is a psychotherapist, writer, international trainer, and world expert in imagery based therapies. She is Co-founder/Director since 1979 of Skyros Holistic Holidays, which has pioneered community-oriented holistic health holidays worldwide. More recently, she has founded and directs the Aurora Centre in Southern Italy, to train therapists, counselors, and consultants in her approach. She is a course leader on the Faculty of the MA(Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain). Dr. Glouberman is the author of the classic and widely translated books Life Choices, Life Changes, The Joy of Burnout, You Are What You Imagine, and Into the Woods and Out Again. Her forthcoming book, ImageWork: The Complete Guide to working with transformational imagery (PCCS Books), will be launched in April 7, 2022 with a book launch on Onlinevents. Dr Martin Rossman, leading imagery author in the USA, has said about it “In my 50 years in the field, this is the best book I have read about working with imagery for healing, creativity and personal transformation. A landmark book—I shall be studying it.” Website |

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