In this experiential workshop we journey deep into an ancient story forest and walk alongside some of our most well-known story characters. Through storytelling and creative activities, we explore the climate crisis and possible ways of working with eco anxiety and eco grief.

We will:

  • Call upon the wisdom of the Celtic legend of the Fisher King to guide us
  • Investigate the symbolic language and landscape to see what they may reveal
  • Explore the symbolic characters and see how they resonate with us
  • Work creatively with the story on a personal and professional level.
  • Dedicate a space to the issues and feelings that may arise within the group
  • Explore creative ways of dealing with eco anxiety and eco grief with our client

We may be doing expressive drawing and creative writing, so please have some paper and coloured pencils or crayons available.

Stories have been with us since the very beginning of humanity when we gathered around the fire to listen to myths of creation to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe. They have accompanied us through dark times, of war and plague and they are here to accompany us now, with their medicine, in this time of uncertainty and climate crisis.

Fairy tales have been transmitted orally through many generations and they speak of essential human experience which touches us on a subconscious level. The fairy-tale journey into unexplored worlds is paralleled by an inner journey into unexplored regions of the self. As we travel in the shoes of the characters, we observe how they resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles in their paths, and this can help us explore our issues.

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    Working Creatively with Fairy Tales: The Fisher King and Eco Anxiety Workshop with Jennifer Ramsay

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Jennifer Ramsay

Jennifer Ramsay is professional storyteller and Art therapist. She offers unique workshops, weaving storytelling with Art Therapy, Gestalt therapy and Psychodrama. She has a degree in Biological Sciences and is part of the global network of Earth Storytellers and a member of The Climate Psychology Alliance. Her creativity is aligned with the rhythms of nature as she follows the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the lunar cycles. Jennifer is the founder of Story Arte, a centre for Art Therapy and Storytelling in the Sierra de Madrid, where she trains people in the Art of Storytelling and accompanies people with their life stories.

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