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The chapter entitled "The Presenting Person" describes methods of assessment used to map out where the client is, what they envision up ahead, and which path will lead towards that preferred state. We investigate what is right with the person and hold the vision of their hopes, thereby de-pathologizing the client who is hurting or going through a life transition. The importance of relating to the whole person is emphasized, by highlighting strengths and resources, instead of diagnosing problems. The focus shifts from what the client does not want to what they do want, from what feels lost to what could be gained, and from what must be released to what can be invited into life. In addition to validating "the person behind the problem", InnerView Guidance evokes the potential soul growth implicit in what otherwise are perceived as debilitating psychological conditions.

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    Working With a Psychospiritual Model - Principles of InnerView Guidance – Cedric Speyer Part 2

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Applications of a Psychospiritual Model in the Helping Professions: Principles of InnerView Guidance

Cedric Speyer & John Yaphe - (November 2020)

This book brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a holistic framework called InnerView Guidance. Building on strength-based and solution-oriented approaches to therapy, the InnerView model offers a unique psychospiritual approach which can be applied in any of the helping professions.

Cedric Speyer

Cedric Speyer is a writer and Registered Psychotherapist (RP). Cedric provides a psychospiritual paradigm for helping professionals, based on the integration of therapeutic best practices with spiritual development. He developed the InnerView model and designed the 4Fold Path map for an overview depicting the sequences of soul work. Cedric also pioneered online counselling on a large scale in Canada and helped establish its credibility as an effective therapeutic modality. He trained, supervised and mentored EAP clinical counsellors for 16 years, overseeing 100,000 online cases before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI). The vision of IGI brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a new synthesis for the professional development of helping practitioners. Cedric received the Adler University Outstanding Alumnus Award, "In recognition of his commitment to continuing the mission of Adler University by engaging communities and advancing social justice."