Practicing Conscious Companionship

SOUL PORTALS PODCAST With February’s episode of Soul Portals taking place on Valentine’s Day, we...

Last updated 15 July 2024


With February’s episode of Soul Portals taking place on Valentine’s Day, we look closely at what makes love a psychospiritual practice. 

Our guests Nico Canon, relationship coach and best-selling author of Grace (2023), with his wife Anastasiia Tumanova, share how their deeply intentional intimate relating is a catalyst for personal transformation.

If romance is about being recognized in our essence, the new paradigm of evolutionary love is about the soul work and skillful means it takes to be portals of full presence for each other (both as window and mirror). As someone once quipped, that allows us “to bring more self to the party.”

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Practicing Conscious Companionship


Anastasiia Tumanova

Anastasiia Tumanova is a breathwork and somatic therapy facilitator. Her practice explores healing and transformation leveraging tools that bypass the mind’s attachment to control, logic and meaning and opening up the body to the wisdom it carries. Tools that allowed her to heal herself from chronic illness, eating disorders, insomnia, and depression, consistently recreate similar results for her clients.

Cedric Speyer

Cedric M. Speyer, M.A., M.Ed., RP, is an author, Registered Psychotherapist, and presently a mentor to coaches, counsellors, and therapists. He pioneered E-counselling in Canada, overseeing 100K online cases before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI). The vision of IGI brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a new synthesis for the helping professions.

Dr DeeAnna Merz Nagel

Dr. DeeAnna Merz Nagel has co-created Essential Soul Care®, a psychospiritual model that includes a book, an Oracle deck and a certified practitioner course. She is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and coach and integrates the healing arts into her teachings. Her doctoral studies focused on multi-faith spiritual direction.

Nicolas Canon

Nicolas Canon’s online courses, retreats and writings support those seeking to move from disenchanting, frustrating love scenarios to healthy, inspiring, and passionate romances. He has studied with various spiritual teachers, South American shamans, and yogic mystics. His work integrates ancestral indigenous wisdom, modern coaching and therapy tools, and eastern mysticism.